used chicago cars


I'm looking for a reliable car with good gas mileage. I heard from my last question about a used Saturn that toyotas are good for someone looking for a used car.

A: Toyota's are over priced junk...some people on here act like they are great...that is so they can sell the one they were foolish enough to buy and buy a Saturn themselves..

the Saturn is a much better car and will last longer with fewer repairs
the one you were looking at should last well over 250,000 miles

Q: What limo/car service have you used around O'Hare Airport in Chicago?
And what is your review of their service?
I need a car/limo from the northwest suburbs to O'Hare...public transit isn't an option from where I live.

A: You can find a good limo search that's for your area on this link

Q: how much can i expect to spend on gas driving from chicago to missouri?
Chicago IL to sedalia Missouri?
Its a 9 hour (est) drive.
Were using a renal car, I don't know alot about rental cars. This is the first one ive ever used.

A: go there and enter in your make, model and year of your car. Since it is a rental, call them and ask them what type of car you will get (like an example of what model you may have). enter all that info into the fuel cost calulator and it will give you an exact amount of gas to be spent.

Q: How much is a Car transmission used or rebuilt for a 2000 ford taurus?
My 23 yr old just needs it to run for 2 more years of school and is working while home from college. to help pay for this...He's a demo guy for Titleist and Cobra golf equipment and has to travel 4 to 5 days a week in the Chicago land area. His car still runs but he thinks its going out. We spent 1500.00 last summer on new parts and service, now he needs tires and a transmission to get him through a hard working summer and college. Thanks for any answers..A MOM

A: used or rebuilt your looking at about 500-1000,,

Q: Which small used car is good to buy ?
I am planning to buy a small used car, cheaper the better because of my budget.

Any car which you guys would recommend.

I wanted to make sure I don't end up with repairs for the first few years (3-4 years).

My budget is less than 6K.

Chicago IL

A: The high-reliability, fuel-efficient cars that are in your budget are:

The 2000 to 2005 Toyota Echo (the predecessor to the Yaris with a less refined interior), with a 2009 Auto Reliability GPA of a perfect 4.00 over a 6-year data history, and whose 2010 model year (now called the Yaris) has EPA mileage estimates of 29 mpg in city and 35 mpg on highway,

The 2005 or earlier Honda Civic Sedan, with a 2010 Auto Reliability GPA of 3.75 over a 10-year data history, and whose 2010 model year has EPA mileage estimates of 25 mpg in city and 36 mpg on highway,

The 2005 Toyota Corolla, with a 2010 Auto Reliability GPA of 3.81 over a 10-year data history, and whose 2010 model year has EPA mileage estimates of 26 mpg in city and 34 mpg on highway.

For comparison, here are overall 2010 Auto Reliability GPAs for several brands, in descending order:

Honda: 3.67 (an A)
Scion: 3.56 (a low A)
Toyota: 3.53 (a low A)
Subaru: 2.61 (a low B)
Hyundai: 2.54 (a low B)
Mazda: 2.28 (a C)
Ford: 2.17 (a C)
Nissan: 2.13 (a C)
Kia: 1.93 (a C)
Volkswagen: 1.58 (a low C)
Saturn: 1.49 (a high D)
Chevrolet: 1.37 (a D)
Chrysler: 1.04 (a D)
Dodge: 0.97 (a D).

Q: which car rentals can you use to pick-up cars at one place and drop off cars at a different state?
Im planning on going on a vacation with a rental car starting at Chicago,IL and driving south to Atlanta, georgia and returning the car there is there any rental companies who can pick up in chicago and returning the car at atlanta?

A: I used Avis and there was no drop charge. I picked the car up in Seattle and dropped it off two weeks later in Portland. Unlimited milage. Whatever agency you decide on, make sure there is no drop charges because you are not returning to the same location.

Q: Have you used the Chicago city pass when visiting the city and how was your experience with it?
I visited Chicago back in April on a trip for my Art History class...being an anthropology major I spent little time in the art museums and hopped over to the Field Museum. This provided me with a nice self-guided walking tour of the lake shore and an awesome time was had. Now I want to help my family plan a visit (partially because I'm craving the lake shore and want to visit the Field again, as well as Shedd and Adler). I saw a link for the city pass ( and thought that would be a great deal given our tight budget. Has anyone used this deal before? Also, how tourist-friendly is parking at the locations listed on the city pass and the surrounding parks (Grant, Millennium, Navy Pier, etc...)? I would be happy walking up and down Lake Michigan the entire trip, but my mom and aunt have knee issues preventing them from too much a car is kind of a necessity.

A: Yes, get it! I'm a frequent visitor to all these museums and they can get pricey, especially with a family. Field, Shedd, and Adler are all grouped together and there is plenty of parking, you can also take the water taxi outside the Shedd to Navy Pier.

Also, plan to spend a day at the Museum of Science and Industry (also has parking) Of all the Chicago museums this is by far my favorite. Take the kids on the coal mine tour and make sure you get tickets for the U-Boat tour and an OmniMax show.

In my opinion I would stay away from Lincoln Park Zoo and pretty much that entire area. Its a hassle to get to and find parking. If you want to take the kids to the Zoo take them to Brookfield, it's larger and nicer. And if you want to see a baseball game with REAL CHICAGO SPORTS FANS be sure to visit U.S. Cellular Field to take in a White Sox game. However, if you want to listen to a bunch of college kids from Iowa hurl racial obscenities at people I would go to Wrigley Field and see a Scrubs game.

It's a beautiful city and a great to visit, hope you come and enjoy your stay!

Q: Where can I purchase a quality used & not so expensive engine for my car in the Chicagoland area?
I have a 1989 Cadillac Fleetwood Coupe DeVille in mint conditions that was given to me by my mother, but it has a bad crankshaft. Every mechanic i've contact in Chicago said the engine is not worth rebuilding so I would like to replace it with a quality used engine. It is a 4.5 motor and I don't have a clue where to purchase a used motor in Chicago.


Q: Where to sell my used car Fast local?
Want to sell my car within chicago Fast!!!

A:, it is free and has many viewers, i have sold a few things on there.

Q: People living in Chicago CITY (not suburbs): do you own a car or just use public transporation?
Just wondering if a lot of people in Chicago don't even drive sister moved to the city a few years ago and still doesn't have a car, and she says she likes not needing one. Is anyone else like this?
Also...if I move to Chicago or New York (I mean actually in the city) and decide not to get a car and just take public transportation, would I be a loser?

A: Both... have a car and take public transportation. The car comes in handy lots of times. Going to the grocery store.. try lugging four or five plastic bags six blocks in -15 weather. Screw that. And on warm days I like to take a drive. I have a Jeep and let the top down and cruise Lake Shore drive... great. And sometimes if you go to a late night movie or play or something, standing on the bus stop at midnight or one a.m. isn't always the greatest experience. Miss that bus and you might be waiting an hour for another. And don't get me stared on the unsavory characters that may be lurking on the el train platform or bus stop.

There are some costs associated with having a car. City sticker tax, state license plate sticker tax. The occasional parking ticket if you don't move your car during street cleaning days or an expired meter. But if you just stay alert of these things you can avoid the tickets. And don't get me started on the price of gas.

As far a being a loser for taking public transportation, heck no. Millions ride it every day to go to work, school, etc. Considering the price of gas, I still wonder why I see people driving to work downtown when they live in places like Lakeview only a minutes away.

There is another option though. There are a couple of car sharing services in town that are getting good reviews. You subscribe to the service and you can borrow a car whenever you need it. They have a bunch of convinent locations around town and you don't have to worry about gas, city stickers, state fees, etc.

Q: Traveling from Carol Stream to Chicago ?
I'm working on getting a job that requires me to work in downtown Chicago. What I'm trying to avoid is having to drive my car to Chicago through all the traffic and trying to find some place to eventually park it. What I'm trying to figure out is if there are any trains, buses, or if the "L" train will get me relatively close to my destination. I'm trying to get to is E Lake St. and Prudential Plaza, again this is in downtown Chicago. If anybody could help me find a route that doesn't involve me having to use my car I would appreciate it.

A: Try this:
For public transportation within Chicago, go to
Google Maps now provides CTA directions for ponts within the city.
Go here to see how to use:

To get around in the Chicago area, including suburbs, go to RTA's website
(includes Metra, PACE and CTA):

Q: People who live/used to live in Chicago?
I was just curious about the pros and cons of living there. And, do you HAVE to have a car to get around? There is a commuter train, right?
Feel free to share anything else interesting.
Thank you. :)
P.S. I apologize of these questions sound dumb, but I live in Arizona. It's kind of a different world here.

A: yes public trans is ok here
cons in the winter if you drive the roads can be real bad
you realy don't need a car but it helps when public trans doesn't go near where you want

Q: Where can I park for three nights in Chicago?
I am flying into O'Hare to spend three nights in Chicago with a friend. My friend is driving in from Monticello. She will be picking me up at the airport. We are staying at the Palmer House Hotel near the loop. We are not looking to pay 50+/night to park. We will not be using the car at all during the three days. Where is an economical place to park with transit access? We wouldn't mind parking anywhere between O'Hare and the hotel, hop on a train, see the car in 3 days. Any advice?

A: If you are planning on using public transit extensively during your visit, then it might make sense to park in the Cumberland garage and take the Blue Line downtown. Parking there would be $12/day. In fact, from O'Hare you could take the Blue Line to Cumberland yourself and wait for your friend there and then take the train together downtown and save the cost of parking short-term at O'Hare. There are vending machines at both O'Hare and Cumberland that sell 3-day visitor passes for $14 which might come in handy for your visit.

Q: which car can i buy for 10000 US dollars in chicago?
i am ready to buy a car which is used for about 2 years. which is the beat choice i am planning to live in CHICAGO and i luv to show off !!!

A: 2 years old car for $10000 is hard to find... used Toyota corolla, kia spectra...

I love 2006 Civic but its out of ur range...

Q: Im thinking about buying a 2006 audi a4. what is the reliability on this car? what other cars do u recommend?

A: Hi,

Audi have amongst the best build quality of any manufacturer in the world. Reliability should be right up there with the Japanese. Buy the Audi with complete confidence and run it for 100k miles. No problem if it has been, and will continue to be, properly maintained.

Other recommendations? Depends what your requirements are, but I'm a big fan of BMW's 3 series. It's a direct competitor to the A4, but a better driver's car. It's rear wheel drive, rather than the Audi's 4 wheel drive, which makes for poor grip in icy or snowy conditions. It's also got a bit less space inside. I'd choose the BMW every time, but that's me. The Audi's a great car, just does different things better than the BMW.

Either way, drive safely.